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Rate Limiting

The Fleetio API is subject to rate limiting to ensure availability and security. Please consult your plan to determine the rate limits for your account.

Exceeding the limit will result in a response with the HTTP status code 429 'Too Many Requests', and the following response body:

"error": "Too many requests detected from your account token. Please try again later. If you believe this is an error, please contact Fleetio Support at"

Each 429 response will contain a Retry-After header. The value of this header is the number of seconds until the rate limit will be lifted. At that point, subsequent requests will succeed unless the rate limit is met again.


Design your integration to avoid Rate Limit Errors. Learn how


An API user sends one request per second, starting at 12:00:18. The Fleetio API will return 429 responses from 12:00:38 until 12:01:00, at which point requests will be permitted until 12:01:20 if the current rate continues.