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Bulk API

Fleetio offers a Bulk API for certain endpoints. Bulk APIs allow you to create data in large batches via a single network request, saving on network overhead.

Supported Records

The Bulk API currently supports creating and updating records. Deleting records in bulk is not supported at this time.

Like other Fleetio API endpoints, the Bulk API is subject to rate limiting to ensure availability and security. Please consult your plan to determine the rate limits for your account.

Sample data (eg; Vehicles) under a trial account is not accessible via the API. You'll need to create your own to test the API. More on this here: Sample Data


The Bulk API for Inventory Journal Entries is only available under the Static Pricing model. Other inventory valuation methods are not supported.

If you are using LIFO/FIFO, please refer to Adding Inventory Under LIFO/FIFO.

The following record types can be interacted with in bulk:

Record TypeInteraction
Inventory Journal Entriescreate
Location Entriescreate
Meter Entriescreate
Vehiclescreate, update


Maximum records per job100Exceptions: Inventory (500), Groups (1000)
Maximum concurrent jobs10Additional jobs will be enqueued and we will start processing them as other jobs are completed.

Move on to our Creating a Bulk Job guide to get started!