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Quick Start


Welcome to the Fleetio API docs!

Our REST API allows programmatic access to Fleetio resources (for example: Vehicles, Meter Entries, and Fuel Entries).

The sidebar on the left lists our overviews and guides. Visit the API Reference, to see a list of each API resource and available actions.


Sample data (eg; Vehicles) under a trial account is not accessible via the API. You'll need to create your own to test the API.

More on this here: Sample Data

Step 1: Generate an API Key

API Key Security

An API Key is a sensitive credential similar to a password. Please treat it as such.

We strongly recommend against pasting it online or committing it to a repository.

See our API Key Security guide for more information on how to safely handle API keys..


  • Click the + Add API Key button:

  • Add a label for your API key to describe how you plan to use it.

Step 2: Set Account-Token HTTP Header

Each request to the Fleetio API requires the presence of an Account-Token HTTP header.

You can find this under the Account Token section of the API Keys page visited in Step 1.

Example Account Token:

Account-Token: 08765432z

Step 3: Set Authorization HTTP Header

You'll also need the Authorization HTTP header. Please note the word Token before the API Key.

Example API Key:

Don't forget the word Token!

Authorization: Token a43csdf3gs8gh8ifgrei823tme

Step 4: Put It All Together

You're ready to make requests to the Fleetio API using your programming tool of choice!

cURL Request Example

For your first request, try the /api/v1/users/me endpoint:

curl \
--include \
--header "Authorization: Token a43csdf3gs8gh8ifgrei823tme" \
--header "Account-Token: 08765432z" \

Note that the API_KEY is preceded by the word Token. We require this because we accept multiple types of authorization methods.

"id": 1,
"username": "",
"email": "",
"time_zone_name": "Central Time (US & Canada)",
"time_zone_offset_in_seconds": -21600,
"created_at": "2022-10-01T14:05:05.907-06:00",
"updated_at": "2023-08-01T17:29:11.956-05:00",
"has_multiple_accounts": false,
"first_name": "Exampler",
"last_name": "Testington",
"default_image_url": null,
"fuel_economy_units": "mpg_us",
"contact_id": 2,
"technician": false

In this example, you queried the /users/me endpoint which returns useful information about the current user such as email, name, and time zone.

Fleetio API Docs Request Example

You can send a request right from the comfort of our API Reference!

Here's an example from the list Vehicles doc:

Visit our API Reference for more information on how to interact with the resources you need.