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List Contacts

Returns a list of contacts excluding archived.

Query Parameters
  • start_cursor string

    The start cursor for Keyset pagination.

  • per_page integer

    Possible values: >= 2 and <= 100

    Default value: 50

    The number of records per page to return

  • filter object

    The fields, operations, and values to filter the records by.

  • sort object

    The fields and direction to sort the results by.




  • start_cursor string

    The current start cursor of the records returned.

  • next_cursor string

    The next cursor to retrieve the next page of records.

  • per_page integer

    The maxumum number of records returned.

  • estimated_remaining_count integer

    The number of remaining records including the returned records, up to a maximum of 500.

  • filtered_by object[]

    The filters applied to the returned record set.


  • email object

  • like string
  • sorted_by object[]

    The sorts applied to the returned record set.


  • group_id string

    Possible values: [asc, desc]

  • records object[]