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2024-06-30 Released

· One min read


Fleetio has released a new API version containing incremental updates to a number of endpoints. Version 2024-06-30 will be the default for new account API keys created moving forward. You can try out this new API version by including the X-Api-Version header with the value 2024-06-30 with any API request.

With the release of this version, all index endpoints now support the new cursor based pagination and you will no longer need to collect pagination information from headers.


For newly created Partner API tokens, the default API version remains 2023-03-01. If you are using a Partner API token, or are using an account API key created before January 1st, 2024, please be sure to select the 2023-01-01 version using the selector on the sidebar. If you are using an account API key created between January 1st 2024 and March 15th 2024, choosing 2024-01-01 for the API version will maintain the same behavior as the default when the key was created.