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2024-03-15 Released

· One min read


Fleetio has released a new API version containing incremental updates to a number of endpoints. Version 2024-03-15 will be the default for new account API keys created moving forward. You can try out this new API version by including the X-Api-Version header with the value 2024-03-15 with any API request.


For newly created Partner API tokens, the default API version remains 2023-03-01. If you are using a Partner API token, or are using an account API key created before January 1st, 2024, please be sure to select the 2023-01-01 version using the selector on the sidebar. If you are using an account API key created between January 1st 2024 and March 15th 2024, choosing 2024-01-01 for the API version will maintain the same behavior as the default when the key was created.