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Retrieve Vehicle Purchase Details

Retrieve the details of a Vehicle's Purchase Detail.

Path Parameters

  • id string required

    The Fleetio ID of the relevant Vehicle.

    You may also look up Vehicles by their VIN, license plate, or other external ID. See the guide on External Vehicle Ids for information on how to set this up.




  • id integer

    Possible values: >= 1

  • created_at date-time

    The date and time at which this record was created.

  • updated_at date-time

    The date and time at which this record was most recently updated.

  • comment string

    Any additional information about the purchase.

  • date string

    The date of the purchase.

  • meter_entry_value float

    The meter value at the time of purchase.

  • vehicle_id NullableId

    Possible values: >= 1

  • vehicle_name string

    The name of the Vehicle.

  • vendor_id NullableId

    Possible values: >= 1

  • vendor_name string

    The name of the Vendor.

  • warranty_expiration_date string

    The expiration date of the warranty, if applicable.

  • warranty_expiration_meter_value integer

    The meter value at which the warranty would expire, if applicable.

  • price float

    The price of the Vehicle.

  • custom_fields object

    *Full details on working with Custom Fields here.