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List records affected by an import

The data returned depends on the import type, so if the import was a VehicleImport, you would get an array of created or updated Vehicle records.

Only imports in the complete state will have data. If you try hitting this endpoint with a failed import, you will get an empty array in return.

This endpoint will return a 403 Forbidden error if the user does not have admin or account owner permissions.


The 200 response for this endpoint is preceded by a 302. This is due to the dynamic nature of the response. The 302 is a redirect to the actual response.

The 200 response is not shown in the documentation, but it is available in the API. The structure is an array of objects, where each object is a record that was created or updated by the import.

Path Parameters

  • id string required

    Possible values: Value must match regular expression ^[0-9]+$

    The id of the relevant record



Response Headers

  • Location string


  • string