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GPS Integrations

We're expanding our API in an effort to make working with GPS providers easier. We currently support a number of GPS related functions:

In this package you'll find step-by-step instructions and code snippets to help you get started. You can also refer to the documentation for each endpoint for more details.

Preliminary Steps

Ensure User Has Appropriate Permissions

Fleetio Users belong to Accounts, and may belong to more than one. A User has a defined set of permissions within an Account. Some Users can create Vehicles and manage their fuel and odometer history, others may not have permission.

Make sure to configure appropriate permissions for the User that owns your API key. You can read more about our permissions here.

Each request to the API must include the Authorization header with the user's API key and the Account-Token header with the Account Token. You can find instructions on how to collect these values in our quick start guide.

Obtain a Vehicle ID

Most of the endpoints in this package require a Vehicle ID.

A Vehicle ID can be obtained by sending a request to the GET /api/v1/vehicles endpoint. You can leverage filtering to search for a Vehicle by various attributes ie. VIN or license plate.