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Updating Odometers

We recommend updating a Vehicle's odometer on a regular basis, such as once per day. This is usually enough for most scenarios, although certain use cases may require more frequent updates.

Odometer updates are called Meter Entries in Fleetio. See the docs for the POST /api/v1/meter_entries endpoint for creating new Meter Entry records.

There's one important difference between creating a regular Meter Entry and a GPS Meter Entry: the gps and gps_provider params.

The gps param is a boolean and must be set to true. The gps_provider is the name of your organization/product/service as you would like it to appear to end users within Fleetio.

Here's a snippet showing how to create a GPS meter entry:

curl \
--include \
--header "Authorization: Token API_KEY" \
--header "Account-Token: ACCOUNT_TOKEN" \
--data "&value=1000&date=2016-05-06&vehicle_id=123&gps=true&gps_provider=My Company Name" \