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Fuel Entry Location Introduction

Fuel Entries in Fleetio can have location data associated with them, detailing the Vehicle's location at the time of the fill up. This serves two main purposes:

  1. Provides a map-based visual representation of the location on the Fuel Entry's detail page:

The fuel entry page showing information about a specific fuel up.

  1. Fuel exception alerts. If a Vehicle's position at the reported Vendor's location is further than the configured alert radius at the time of a fill up, a fuel exception alert will fire. This alert will send an email to the account owner:

An example of the fuel exception email sent to the account owner.

It will be visible on the fuel entry's map as a warning message.

The exception alert on a fuel entry's detail page.

Now that we know why Fuel Entry GPS data is useful in Fleetio, let's check out how to get it all working.