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Service Entry Line Items Reference

Service Entry Line Items specify each unit of work that the Service Entry targets. Line items must reference a Service Task, and support fields such as description, labor cost, parts cost, and subtotal cost. For more information about service entries and line items in general, please reference our help center docs.


You must set the line item type to ServiceEntryServiceTaskLineItem

Service Task

As mentioned above, each line item must reference a Service Task. You can set the service task through the service_task_id attribute in each line item.

Linking Issues

You can link Issues to a Work Order Line Item by passing an array of issue_ids to a line item.

Parts, Labor Costs, and Subtotals

To add costs directly to a line item, simply pass a value to the parts_cost, labor_cost and/or subtotal fields. In order to set subtotal directly on a line item, parts_cost and labor_cost must be empty or 0. If not, subtotal will be calculated as parts + labor.


curl \
-H 'Authorization: Token token="API_KEY"' \
-H "Account-Token: ACCOUNT_TOKEN" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-X POST -d '{
"type": "ServiceEntryServiceTaskLineItem",
"service_task_id": 12345,
"description": "Replacing brake pads",
"issue_ids[]": 1,
"issue_ids[]": 2,
"labor_cost": 30,
"parts_cost": 55.99

In this example, we already have an existing service entry, whose id is 123 (as you can see in the URL). We then create a single line item with a service_task_id of 12345, with a labor_cost of 30 and a parts_cost of 55.99. We are also able to link 2 issues to this line item through the issue_ids array.

Service entry line item fields

typestring (required, string)Used to denote what type of line item this is. Currently, the only valid value is ServiceEntryServiceTaskLineItem.
service_task_idinteger (required, editable)Denotes the service task associated with this line item.
descriptiontext (optional, editable)Free text field, used for notes or description.
issue_ids[]integer (optional, editable)An array of issue IDs that you want the line item to be linked to. This field can be passed several times to the server if you wish to link more than one issue (see cURL example) .
labor_costdouble (optional, editable)Total labor cost for this line item.
parts_costdouble (optional, editable)Total parts cost for this line item.
subtotaldouble (optional, editable)Subtotal for this line item. If parts or labor are present and non zero, this value is ignored.
service_entry_line_item_idintegerFor nested line items this value denotes the parent Service Entry Line Item.